As an environmental conservation charity, sustainability is a major part of our message. Our SLOWER campaign is approved by London Borough of Richmond upon Thames. In increasingly hectic times, all of us, whatever our age, can learn from taking time to slow down, think about choices and make change happen. View our Sustainability Policy.

DID YOU KNOW: Currently, waste from all bins on Barnes Common and at Vine Road goes to landfill or incineration – even recyclable material such as glass, paper and cans. We are working for change but you can help by taking your recyclable litter home, reducing your use of single use plastic and spreading the word.

What is SLOWER: Sustainable, Local, Organic, Working together, Environmental, Respectful (and of course reduce/reuse/recycle).

SLOWER in the kitchen: use ecologically-friendly products; cleaning cloths and scrubbing pads made from natural materials; recycle glass, cans, paper, non-single use plastic and if you are able…scraps for compost bins or even a wormery.

SLOWER in the park: Enjoy a SLOWER picnic – don’t use single-use plastics and take your rubbish home where you know it can be recycled. 

SLOWER birthday parties: Balloons take years to biodegrade, and can be life-threatening to wildlife. 

SLOWER growing: We are peat and pesticide-free; are replacing plastic with clay pots or wooden boxes; use milk cartons for watering cans; old welly boots as planters; stopped buying bamboo canes and are working towards water-wise planting.

We are very proud that this year we have bought no compost. This means no plastic bags, no transport miles – just our very own home-grown variety. Outdoor learning at its best!

If you would like to know more, or have ideas to share, please contact Sharon.  She would love to hear from you..

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