Memorial Planting

Memorial Planting

We fully understand that people may wish to plant on the Common to remember a loved one who enjoyed time in this special place. Like everything related to this small urban greenspace, it does need due consideration.

Barnes Common is a local nature reserve and as such, we have a duty to encourage natural generation of native species of all plants, including trees – and to actively discourage non-native or invasive species. To encourage resistance, and increase the natural regeneration process, we occasionally plant native trees sourced from known UK suppliers. This has included elm, black poplar grown locally by Richmond Park, hazel, ash and silver birch. We also have plans to create an orchard in the area of the Former Goods Yard, and in Vine Road Recreation Ground. The Vine Road area was both an orchard and a market garden in the past.

Timing is also a strong consideration. For trees to succeed, the best time for planting is generally November to March.

Wherever possible, we are happy to work with you – one option may be to consider the possibility of ‘adopting’ one of the trees we will be planting or transplanting. This could be an apple, pear or other suitable orchard tree or even a small cluster of silver birch?

If your preference is for planting flowers, we would recommend contacting other local groups that encourage amenity planting, for example the Barnes Community Association and their “Barnes in Bloom” team.

We fully appreciate this is a highly personal undertaking and are always very happy to chat more about this. If you would like more detail please contact our Chairman Mike Hildesley

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