We have a small store of split logs for sale. All of the wood comes from the Common, and is surplus to our deadwood management scheme. All money raised from sales goes back into the management of the Common.

The logs are all hardwood, predominantly elm, sycamore, robinia, and norway maple. They are split to 20 – 25cm (8 – 10in).

Price: £5 per netted 55cm x 80cm bag. Local delivery can be arranged for an extra £1 per bag, or free local delivery for 5 bags and over.

These logs have so many uses!  Why not consider increasing biodiversity in your own garden by creating habitats to encourage wildlife?  Just a few fun and easy ideas include building an insect hotel, creating a stag beetle loggery or construct a bespoke hedgehog ‘hotel’.  And please don’t forget to send us your photos so we can share your great ideas!

Please note that the London Borough of Richmond, in accordance with the Clean Air Act 1993, is designated as a smoke control area. Therefore, if you are burning logs, it is your responsibility to make sure your wood burning stove complies with the relevant regulations for this area.

If you would like to arrange pick up or delivery please email Will or give him a ring on 07983 711685.