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Latest News

Trees on Barnes Common: Holly

This week: It is encouraging to see how the small areas of fragile acid grassland which have temporarily been fenced off are showing signs of

Finding Treasure in Nature

Don’t miss our latest set of free downloadable resources for learning out of doors! A set of five beautifully photographed images compiled by photographer and

Trees on Barnes Common: Conifers

This Week: As we move through Spring on toward Longest Day, it is hard to imagine it is only a fortnight until the days begin

It’s rubbish! Where does it go?

We love seeing more people spending time outdoors. Sadly, this also means more litter and despite our best efforts, we can’t keep up with how

Trees on Barnes Common: Poplars

This Week: What’s not to like – clear skies, just an occasional puffy white cloud, no airplanes, the sounds of gentle breezes in the trees

Birds on Barnes Common: Tree Creeper

Treecreeper   (Certhia familiaris) This can be an elusive species to find on Barnes Common but is a delightful bird to see. The Treecreeper is resident in

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