Local Outbreak Plan Launched

As restrictions ease, we are urged to remember that restrictions are still in place. A plan to suppress future COVID-19 outbreaks in Richmond upon Thames

Talking Rubbish!

As schools break up and we head for picnics and play, this is a perfect time to think about our choices and how we can

Outdoor Learning at Vine Road Park

Since re-opening after lockdown on 3rd June, children at Montessori Pavilion nursery have been spending even more of their time learning and exploring outdoors. Staff

Updated Covid Guidelines

It’s not over yet! As the temperature soars, tempers shorten and days lengthen, it is all to easy to relax a bit too much. Please

Trees on Barnes Common: Hazel and Lime

This Week features the Bee-wolf (Philanthus triangulum). We appear to be in a peak period of nesting for this fascinating solitary wasp. Previously considered rare,