Latest News

Latest News

Birds on the Common: Blackcap

If there is one bird that will be in full song at the moment on Barnes Common, it will be the Blackcap. This bird is

Trees on the Common: Willow

This week the Common took on all its Spring finery: oaks are bright green and with a such a profusion of glorious pollen-laden blossom from

Pinching out Broadbeans

Once your broadbeans start to flower and you are happy with how many flowers you have, pinching out the growing tips can help keep away

Learning from Home Updates

We will be adding regular updates to our Links and Resources page. Please do share any you may come across and we will add to

Birds on the Common: Chiffchaff

If you are out and about on the Common, you may be interested in some of the bird species that also use the Common for

Growing from Scraps

If for you, this is the start of a very different Summer Term, why not try something completely different: This is such great fun, super

Trees on the Common: Thorn

This week on the Common: Spring is advancing in leaps and bounds – the chestnut trees are decorated with their candles, the hybrid apple trees

Sunflower Superhighway in the Sky!

Help us share sunshine and sunflowers across our community! Sharon has free seeds for you to plant in your own garden: just send your address

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