Now more than ever is a time to get creative and collaborative, a time to work together to link the very best of outdoor and indoor learning.


We would love to hear from you – please visit the related links below to find out how we may work together, share ideas and find solutions.

We continue to offer a range of bespoke formal learning, training, and CPD opportunities to meet the specific needs of your cohort and curriculum. Contact Sharon to find out more.

NEW: Making the most of your space: ‘Outdoor classrooms’ offer bespoke opportunities – without the need to risk assess an off-site visit. 

Through virtual or appropriately distanced on-site visits, we are happy to discuss way to help you make the most of the outdoor space in your schoolground.

  • curriculum-linked, immersive learning
  • citizen science, community involvement to increase biodiversity and air quality, and help mitigate climate change
  • enhance mental, social and physical well-being
  • increase learning space whilst maintaining social distancing recommendations

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