Growing food, preparing food, sharing food, a car journey or a walk – these are some of the best times for sharing chat! We found a few things that made us stop and think, and thought we would share them. Send us your favourite ‘discuss’ ideas, along with your favourite recipes!

The Oak and The Dragon – a story with an unexpected ending. Written by Sharon Morgan, our outdoor learning manager, and beautifully narrated by Niamh Cusack. A story to be listened to together, and chatted about afterwards. A story with a very different ending!

The UK in 100 Seconds  See the UK in just 100 seconds, with each second representing a percentage of the different land uses of the UK. Can we/should we make more space for nature? What are your ideas?

Ten Pollution Hotspots in Richmond  Do you know where they are? Can you think why? What are your ideas for reducing pollution?

Vine Road Recreation Ground: an investigation A great way to find out more about proposed plans, think about what you would like to see in your community and have your say!