Learning from Home

Learning from Home

First thing: to all parents, adults, carers….you are fantastic and amazing! We have put together a few ideas and resources that may be of interest. Most link to the curriculum. Some explore wider issues like community, citizenship and foster discussion. All are full of fun and sparkle!

If you have an amazing idea or seen a great link – please share, we are all in this together and would love to hear from you! Contact Sharon


Most activities are suitable for your own garden or from indoors. Treasure Hunt ideas may also be used when you are in more open spaces. All activities must be strictly in keeping with current Government Guidelines that are subject to change at extremely short notice. If in any doubt, please check before heading out. We aim to be respectful of others, leave no trace and consider the impact of our activities.

Please check in again soon & don’t forget to send us your ideas!

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Growing from Home

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