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Mid-September Community Growing Update

Mid-September Community Growing Update

Our Saturday sessions have seen a return of some core volunteers and some new volunteers, along with some Duke of Edinburgh students, writes our Lead Community Growing Volunteer, Rashadee Miller.

Last Saturday (17th September), we had eight core volunteers and two Duke of Edinburgh students. We were able to move the larger pond behind the wild meadow. And were delighted to have seen three frogs living comfortably in it!  Additional tasks undertaken from the team included pruning tomato and melon plants, shifting homemade compost, and we also started to weed the wild flower highway in the encampment area.

The previous week saw volunteers and students shifting compost donated by our very own Lead Volunteer Claire, of which some was used to mulch some of beds on both sites. Other tasks included packaging of saved tomato seeds, putting cucumber seeds to ferment, pruning of various plants as well as enjoying a harvest.

During September, we were able to make two donations to our local food bank. These photos show Anna-Maria transferring donations to a crate, and Elena with a very colourful harvest in front of our polytunnel last week. Elena helped with harvesting the vegetables and fruits. She was very delighted to know other children within our community were able to have vegetables and fruits which she helped to care for.

It truly continues to be a joy harvesting and delivering foods for families! We remain thankful to all existing and new volunteers and students.