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Picturing Winter on Barnes Common

Picturing Winter on Barnes Common

Winter can be an exciting time for a photographer, with the sun being low in the sky and the potential for some dramatic weather. However, these days, winter in the South East is more likely to be 8 degrees, dull and damp, which can be very frustrating, writes our friend and committee member, local photographer Andrew Wilson.

Every now and then though, this weather pattern can be punctuated by bouts of something a little more radical, like what we experienced back in 2018 (the Beast from the East) and more recently, just last month. Even when it does snow in London, which is rare these days, it can sometimes only last a few hours. Fortunately, what occurred last month coincided with a cold snap, which meant that much of the snow stayed around for a few days and most excitingly, it allowed for some sunshine photography.

With the lack of snow, the best a photographer can look forward to these days is a good frost but it pays to get out early, before the sun gets to work. Like many photographers, I am an inveterate weather watcher, and sometimes plan my week ahead going by the forecast. So, prime your alarm clock, be sure to check you have everything you need the night before, as you don’t want to waste time looking for that spare battery in the morning and don’t forget your gloves.

Sometimes, you can get lucky and spot a Robin (next year’s Christmas card anyone?) or even a fox? It can also be fun getting down on your knees and amongst the early flowers, like snowdrops and the odd rogue daffodil (they are not native to the Common and those that you do spot are more likely to be garden escapes).

So, with the unpredictable weather, make sure you make the most of what good days there are, and you never know, you may spot me amongst the evergreens or taking a picture of one of my favourite trees on the common, our Grand Old Oak.