Dragonfly by George

Dragonfly by George

George (age 10) was inspired to draw this dragonfly he spotted when we were all out enjoying a nature walk and morning picnic. We love the way he uses colour!

Little Sprouts, Eeyore & Life Cycles

Sunflower Life Cycles

It all started with Eeyore, our floppy and gigantic sunflower, long before Lockdown. In Autumn, we left some for the birds and harvest the rest of Eeyore’s seeds. Sharon and some of her Little Sprouts, learning lots about Life Cycles.

Sunshine with Rashadee!

Our Sunflower Superhighway is Growing Flowers, Artists, Poets! Rashadee and her Little Sprouts

Sunflower Superhighway


Our Sunflower Superhighway can be found across Richmond Borough! Do you know where these beauties can be found?

Growing Together

Sunflowers and Sweet Peas

Growing Together when Lockdown Kept us Apart Sunflowers and Sweet Peas at Vine Road Park

Balfour Boys Growing Sunflowers!

From Tiny Seeds of Hope, Our Lockdown Sunflower Superhighway is Thriving – Keep a Lookout for our Sunflowers and the Pollinators that are Hanging Out! Clan Balfour