For over a thousand years, ‘The Waste’ has been common land traditionally used for rough grazing and by drovers as they made their way to market.

In 925, the manor of Barnes, or Barn-elms, was given to the canons of St Paul’s Cathedral by King Athelstan. The boundary fixed in the late 1500’s as a result of violent clashes with Putney residents over grazing rights, still exists today.

This land holds many secrets: maps show the area almost devoid of trees as recently as during WWII, with considerably more wetland than today whilst throughout the 19th century, Vine Road Recreation Ground and much of the surrounding area was laid to market garden and orchard.  We are always keen to hear from anyone with any stories, or interest in helping with our archive.

Popular history walks with Chairman Mike Hildesley are held three times a year and afford fascinating insight into the lives and times of those who have trodden these paths before us. Contact us to find out more about these walks.

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