Beverley Brook

Beverley Brook

Note: Over the summer of 2018, there was a significant fish-kill in the Beverley Brook. Full final Environment Agency briefing


The Beverley Brook flows briefly along the edge of Barnes Common and Barnes Green, as well as along the edge of the Vine Road Recreation Ground. Although at first glance this may seem a rather small and insignificant stream, this small section is part of a much greater whole and the management of this water course is an important, complex and collaborative process.

The Brook has a fascinating social and ecological history. It is in itself an ecosystem comprising various habitats, and part of a much wider catchment – what happens at the top influences what goes on at the bottom!

The Friends of Barnes Common is pleased to be part of a group of organisations operating a catchment-based, whole-ecosystem approach. This includes the management of Himalayan Balsam, as well as encouraging species including fish, eels and water voles.

In collaboration with the South East Rivers Trust, we have prepared a document that we hope goes some way to answering questions.

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