The extensive range of habitats across our sites at Barnes Common and Leg o' Mutton local nature reserves, as well as in the amenity park at Vine Road Recreation Ground, provide home and haven to a vast array of plants and animals.

Over many years, our lists have been painstakingly recorded by amateur, expert and keen enthusiast alike.  A 2010 found nearly 500 invertebrate species with over 100 species of beetle including the fearsome-looking but harmless stag beetle often be seen on warm evenings in early summer. Damselflies are increasing in number following  conservation work at Beverley Brook, and larger dragonflies hunting over the meadows is now a common sight. Butterflies abound with good populations the small copper and gatekeeper.  Cast your eyes to the tops of one of our many oaks and you may be rewarded with a fleeting glimpse a purple hairstreak.

Our Species Lists are a constant work in progress. Why not visit related links below to find out more.

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We welcome enquiries from higher education and post graduate researchers. The following lists are currently under construction:  Fungi, Grasses, Invertebrates, Insects, Leg o’ Mutton Reserve.

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