Welcome to the first in our series of self-guided walks in and around Barnes Common.

photo: Arnhel Deserra

January is all about our trees. Traditionally, it is a time for celebrating our orchard with a Winter Wassail, mask-making workshops and our first social walk of the year, led by Miranda and Sharon.

It is a time for blowing away cobwebs and celebrating the promise of longer, lighter days. Although our organised activities are currently suspended, we hope you are able to find time to do this either alone or with family. Our first self-led walk begins and ends at Vine Road Pavilion – a perfect place to pick up a warming drink from the cafe. Please support our #takeawayyourtakeaway campaign and be sure to spread the word.

If you share your photos, or anything inspired by your walk, why not tag us and help share our #barnescommonwalks.

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Winter Wonder Treasure Hunt  Images Andrew Wilson

Banner by Justyna. Artwork inspired by The Lost Words and our year-long FinderKeepers project.


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