Growing Together is our community food growing and outdoor learning project. It is inclusive, cross-generational, informal, and immersive (that means we get our hands in the soil, sow, grow, explore, learn, meet new people, share ideas - and laugh lots)...whatever our age!

Food for thought: During Covid 19 restrictions, we were able to maintain this programme and upkeep of the areas. Numbers more than doubled as more of us became aware of the benefits and plain good fun of family time spent growing our own food within a small space.

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Autumn: is a busy time, a time of harvest, sharing, ‘putting the beds to bed’, tending to tools, pots and the compost heap.

Winter: a time of rest, knowing we have (hopefully) stored and shared all our harvest, created new spaces, and given our soil its best chance for the coming season.  It is a time of planning, looking at seed catalogues and enjoying our traditional Wassail in our community orchard.

Spring/Summer: As the days grow longer and the garden wakes up after its Midwinter rest, we start again, welcoming friends old and new, and enjoying this cycle of sowing and growing.


Vine Road Park, Vine Road SW13 0NE and in the Community Orchard on Barnes Common.

Feedback: ‘Being part of the project has given me a much needed sense of purpose and community, and improved my own well-being greatly during this difficult time. Passers-by stop to chat about what I’m growing and what they’re growing at home. It’s been lovely to speak to people that I never would have interacted with otherwise.

In my own bed, a space of just 2m x 1m I’m growing lettuce, radishes, beetroot, spring onion, leeks, peas, French beans, tomatoes, peppers, strawberries and courgettes. Since adopting my raised bed, I’ve found myself eyeing up green spaces everywhere, thinking how wonderful it would be if we could use more space to grow!’ 

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