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Castelnau Climate Café opening in October 

Castelnau Climate Café opening in October 

The Castelnau Community Climate Café will celebrate and promote positive action that fights climate change and improves the local environment in Castelnau. The café is on Tuesday 10 October, 10-11.30am, at Castelnau Community Centre.

Nick Oliver, Community Action Manager for Community BlueScapes, said: “We’re imagining a better future and how we can start to create better neighbourhoods that are adapted to a changing climate.  

Join us at our Climate Café to be the change you want to see in this world. Tell us about your experience of your area during heavy downpours and heatwaves. Share your ideas and what you want to be done to make your local environment better. This is your opportunity to influence and lead on local projects. I’ll see you there.” 

Community BlueScapes exists to tackle the impact of climate change, particularly extreme weather events like flooding. It is run by Barnes Common Limited, the Wildfowl & Wetlands Trust and London Borough of Richmond upon Thames.

Together with local communities Community BlueScapes will create projects that will tackle the impact of climate change, reduce the risk of flooding and improve people’s lives. They will include sharing knowledge, learning together, and taking practical steps to improve the ability of buildings and whole streets to be prepared for extreme weather.

Imagine an urban network of green and blue spaces like ponds, rain gardens, and mini drainpipe wetlands . They may be full of plants and bring in lots of wildlife. They could be enjoyed by local people who take a lead role in caring for those spaces. These are just some ideas, but local people know their area best and can come up with even better plans.

The future doesn’t just happen, we make it.