The sight and sound of birds is one of the many joys of exploring our open spaces throughout the seasons.

Robins and wrens are easily seen across our sites, and our blue and great tits prefer the seclusion of more wooded areas. In a quiet moment on the Common, you can see and hear long-tailed tits enjoying our many gorse patches and in 2020 our little flock of starlings swelled to over 27.

The Common supports good numbers of song and mistle thrush, and blackbird. Regularly breeding summer migrants include blackcap and chiffchaff. Spring migrants include willow warblers and the drumming of the great spotted woodpecker is another sure sign of spring. ‘Yaffles’ (green woodpeckers) are often spotted in our acid grassland, feeding on the yellow meadow ants living in the ant hills and our Scandi winter visitors such as redwing always enjoy our holly berries.

Birds of prey include tawny owl, kestrel, sparrowhawk, and more recently, buzzard.

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