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Join Us In Helping Our Local Hedgehogs

Join Us In Helping Our Local Hedgehogs

Spring is here and nature is awakening from its winter sleep – including birds, bees and our local hedgehogs! They will be hungry and looking for their usual breakfast of insects and worms, a meal usually served up in all our local gardens. However, if there are walls or fences bordering a garden, hedgehogs can’t get in, and slugs will happily feast on your young plants, undisturbed.

You may have heard of a local initiative helping hedgehogs gain access to more gardens, alleyways and green spaces: the Barnes Hedgehog Superhighway. Established by then-local resident Michel Birkenwald 12 years ago, the highway is a network of alleyways and small access holes connecting local gardens. Michel and his Barnes Hedgehogs partner, Robin, have been working on extending the highway for over a decade by cutting holes in the back fences and walls of willing Barnes residents.

This year they have invited Barnes Common to take on the species champion role and help the survival of these threatened mammals. We are pleased to do this alongside our related work on hedgehogs and other species within the Richmond Biodiversity Group’s habitat and species action plans.

Barnes Hedgehogs has become a neighbourhood project and locals really take responsibility for their hedgehogs. The Hedgehog Superhighway has contributed to the growth of the local hedgehog population a great deal and since its inception many more sightings have been reported. Michel and Robin can drill in timber fences, brick walls and they also have a tunnelling solution system.

Interested? Join our hedgehog friendly walk on the 27th of April to find out more about hedgehogs and how you can help them, and book your hole-cutting appointment today!