During Lockdown, we took Growing Together, our community food growing project, off-site, right out into the community and straight to you - from a distance!

This is was the plan:

Spring is such an inspiring and exciting time of year. Like our plants, we all thrive as we feel the first bit of warmth in the sun and relish the longer days.  It is a time for growing and renewing energy levels.

Sharon sent out twenty packets of seeds, asking home-growers to follow the instructions on the pack and get sowing – and to have a look in the recycling for some quirky containers to start off the seeds and be sure to send a drawing or photo every step along the way as you sow, grow, harvest and eat!

There were some experiments and great scientific work: What happens if you put some seeds in the dark, or don’t water others? Make a prediction, record your findings – or just get stuck in and GROW!

Sunflower Superhighway in the Sky  From this, and thanks to Eoyore, our enormous sunflower harvested during Autumn 2019, we sent out LOTS of sunflower seeds and the response was tremendous! You shared pictures of the tallest, the smallest, the biggest and the most flowers. People of all ages grew sunflowers so tall that neighbours saw them pop up over fences – spreading sunshine, sunflowers and smiles across our community.

We are delighted that the Sunflower Superhighway is now an annual event. We hope you can join us!

Important: This is a home-based activity only. Always ask permission before sowing any seeds or planting any flowers or trees. Never do this in any public place without first asking the landowner’s permission.

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