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Litter: #takeawayyourtakeaway

Litter: #takeawayyourtakeaway

Waste in our bins is not recycled. Not many people know that.

Due to contamination, currently the waste in our bins is not recycled. As more of us get out to enjoy our amazing green spaces, support our small cafes and businesses, and are unable to use our own cups, our bins are overflowing with recyclable takeaway containers.

But the good news is that you can help! Today, as part of our SLOWER Sustainability policy, we are launching our #takeawayyourtakeaway campaign. Please spread the word, share the hashtag, create a poster, and of course #takeawayyourtakeaway and add it to your own household recycling.

We would love to hear from schools, clubs, Duke of Edinburgh volunteers who want to get involved and help make a real difference to our environment. Contact Sharon