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Spring Changes and New Summer Ponds

Spring Changes and New Summer Ponds

Summer is nearly upon us and after a wet winter, there is lots to think about flood wise. We have a couple of projects lined up to deliver this year: the digging of the highways flood attenuation pond on the Common on Vine Road and the creation of two new reedbeds on Maisie’s meadow. Both of these will help alleviate the pressure and risk of flooding on our lives and, whilst small, add up with the bigger picture in mind.

With that said, it is with mixed emotions that I must inform of my departure from the project and BCL. On to the Basingstoke Canal and Hampshire County Council I go. It is with fondness that I regard Barnes and her surrounds, you all, Barnes Common and of course, the Beverley Brook, who I feel I now know intimately. However, you will not be alone.

We have recently recruited the fantastic and driven Shomari who is focusing on monitoring and delivery work for the Community BlueScapes project, as well as taking over the Gully Guardians and Water Quality Citizen Science programmes. Busy she will be.

In addition, we will be employing an Engagement and Education Officer, who will focus on working with the community and local schools to raise awareness and understanding of water, climate change and how we can all be more resilient to their effects.

Of course, there will be a new project manager in my stead, who will help deliver the larger projects that I have drafted, ensuring a lasting legacy of flood resilience and enhanced biodiversity, working closely with the rest of the Community BlueScapes project team.

Warmest regards and driest of socks,