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Spring Willow from Westzaan

Winter Willow by Justyna

The Keeper was delighted to receive this First-Day-of-Spring gift, created far away, in a land called Westzaan


Picassos in the Park all worked so very hard, over several weeks, using their skills and imagination to help keep our Lost Words found – and just look at what they created. We love playing in and out of the light and shadows and colours that are Willow!

Gentle Willow


Finding, keeping, sharing. Making Memories. Finding Lost Words. The Keeper loved being part of this creative and inspiring collaboration, working with FiSH and the very lovely Chloe and Laura from Picassos in the Park!

Sally Willow. Cambridge Road Estate, Kingston

One of two poems composed by Lucy Furlong and inspired by a walk around Cambridge Road Estate led by Walk with Nature who seek to find and keep nature in urban neighbourhoods. Read more

Minpins in the Willows

If you were a Minpin ….. where would you choose to live? would you need wings, flippers, a furry coat, camouflage – hide underground or fly high in the trees – or waft in the Willow, perhaps!


Willow Waves Green and Golden Tresses making me smile